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Hello Beautiful Beings of Light! My name is Liliana.

I am an evolving traveler, with a large number of anecdotes and adventures that have been constantly accompanied by angels.

I am a citizen of the world, I was proudly born Colombian where I spent my childhood and adolescence with my family and friends in this piece of paradise that is a wonderful country.

From a very young age I began with affirmations that became reality, I frequently decreed that I would see the world and that I would travel all my life. My desire to discover prompted me to start this journey at just 19 years old, afraid of uncertainty and at the same time with great courage.

After knowing some countries in Europe. I decided to stay in Switzerland, a life that I thought would be a short experience before returning to my Colombia, but which turned out to be one of the most active stages of my professional and personal life. However, my great spiritual journey was yet to begin…


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